A Book For Wanderers is a solo project started by Niagara Region based artist Anthony Botting, in early 2013. The project proves to lend itself well to both acoustic and full band performances. Throughout his musical career, Anthony Botting has been the driving engine and front man for many full roster rock bands. Botting’s musical style effectively melds swaying acoustic melodies with heavier riffs and pounding beats, establishing a symbiotic relationship between two, traditionally opposed styles, to create uniquely moving music. A Book For Wanderers received Album of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2013 Niagara Music Awards. Botting began his musical pursuits at the young age of 13 and has been writing and performing ever since. The Song “ECHOES” was featured in the Jason Lupish movie “A Kind of Wonderful Thing”. A Book For Wanderers’ new album is called Wide Streets Of The Narrow Minded and was released on JUNE 9th 2015. His musical style has evolved over the years, producing the array of songs presented on this recent album.